The same in Slovakia and Czech Republic, Vaiana. The petition argues that there is no excuse for not casting a Polynesian as Maui and also surely that of Moana as well (whose voice is yet to be heard). As for that Aladdin song… I should point out that the french canadian version of Aladdin is the only non-english version that was considered “as good as the original” by the original director. Like it was a fact that it once was good to be chubby, when white, since that indicated that you had money. Sometimes, however, the only solution will be to drop the desired mark and to opt for a new name. Which may seem slightly cheap. sometimes dvds and blurays are out weeks before the actual movie even reach french THEATERS ! In this internet age where ‘free’ information is at everyone's fingertips 24/7, it may be tempting to use an online search engine, such as Google, to conclude whether a trademark already ‘exists’. Wow, if the majority of people in France were like you, I’d consider that country to be an American colony already. .hide-if-no-js { Unlike Disney’s praised attempt to include English speaking Pacific Islanders through an open casting call for Moana, that saw the Hawaiian Auli’i Cavalho and the Samoan Dwayne Johnson cast as Moana and Maui, no such effort has been taken up by Disney France. We saw this yesterday in Brussels, in English with French subtitles. But to me the main issue here is the total disregard for the fact that there are many pacific islander francophone actors who would have given a certain charm and authenticity to the dubbed French version of the film. hence why they must have a french language version ready. There were no freaking fishes doing voices for Nemo. “Then” instead of “than”? It seems to me they could have left it untouched, since they’re calling it “Original Version” and changing the name serves no purpose when the movie is in English. @DisneySpain: La marca “Moana” está registrada tanto en España como en algunos países europeos. Moana as well (who’s voice is yet to be heard). Probably Disney have some regional rules, but I would appreciate original name. Moana/Vaiana is a great movie, and definitely one of my favorites by far. But this one seems slightly unwarranted. I honestly think all of the bs about Maui being “big” is a racist thing, is so stupid.. In Serbia and Croatia, also. Or are the songs in English and multiple Polynesian languages, e.g. I don’t understand what is wrong with people. Solche Feinheiten gehen bei der deutschen Version natürlich leider etwas verloren, trotzdem ist der Film witzig übersetzt (und ich bin da sehr heikel). Of particular note for French speaking Pacific Islanders is the total lack of Polynesian in Disney France’s Moana. At one point it was even going to be called La Princesse du Bout du Monde (The Princess from the End of the Earth). While it is not unusual for a film title to change from one geographic region to another, whether for linguistic or cultural (or marketing) reasons, it is rarer to see the name of its heroine also change so radically; in particular, when the character’s name is also the title of the film. Counterfeit spikes and the holiday season, Ferrari back on the grid with Testarossa trademark, PCT: Reasons to consider an international preliminary examination. Novagraaf’s Anca Draganescu-Pinawin explains the disparity. First, people want to see different body types, instead of sticks, and as soon as they get them they cry ‘racism!’ Recent debates on the representation of the demi-god Maui have gained particular traction through the sharing of a meme by Samoan footballer Eliota Fuimaono Sapolu on Facebook, and a similarly scathing critique by New Zealand Labour MP Jennifer Teresia Salesa, highlighting the negetaive stereotyping of Polynesians in the media. But I don’t mind, tho. Being a Woman in Morocco – Where's Morgan? Maui looking like after he fished up the Islands, he deep fried em and ate em , Posted by Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolu on Wednesday, 22 June 2016. Sometimes it will be worth taking the measured risk to continue with the mark; at other times, the option of contacting the prior right holder to reach an agreement will be recommended and will often resolve the situation. Dass der Originaltitel "Moana" im Deutschen "Vaiana" ist, ist klar. First, people want to see different body types, instead of sticks, and as soon as they get them they cry ‘racism!’ […], […] ? Au vu des efforts faits pour la version américaine et la présence francophone dans les DOM TOM, je m’attendais à plus venant de Disney France […], “As the French tend to dub, rather THEN use subtitles, over the original language”. They aren’t fat, they are broad and strong and round but that isn’t fat. In the native language of the Alifuru ( Maluku The islands of spices, part of indonesia ) Wai also so means Water. The weird thing is that in spite of the fact that we were hearing the original English voices, the character was referred to throughout as Vaiana. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack non-stop, ever since the music came out. However, such an online search will not identify those marks that have already been registered, but not yet launched into a marketplace – or at least not yet in such a way that it comes up highly ranked in an online search. Animated films in general tend to be dubbed over when broadcast outside their original language. Despite the vibrancy of discussions around the characters and Polynesian culture that can be so far gleaned from the film, the anglo-centric media has yet to engage with other language debates. I’d have to go to a Kinepolis to watch it in English) but I have been listening to the soundtrack for quite some time. This is a really thoughtful and well written article. No one complained then. Really? Yet no one is happy. Moana/Vaiana is a great movie, and definitely one of my favorites by far. In Quebec, there is a law that requires to translate english words, that’s why, and its perfectly fine. It has a great and strong female lead, and a funny male side-kick. You are not better than anyone else, and just because you are “Polynesian”, it doesn’t mean people should bow down to you. I’m not from Italy nor from France or Spain and I’m pretty mad that in my country Latvia, it is not derived from USA original, and is called Vaiana not Moana! While we have only heard Maui so far in the trailer, the French version is devoid of a Pacific Islander tone, with the current voicing in French thought to be that of Frantz Confiac. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack non-stop, ever since the music came out. Moana/Vaiana is a great movie, and definitely one of my favorites by far. Even in Paris their not that pedantic. Some French Polynesians, such as Yves Edouard Malakai and the Tahitian born singer, music producer and model Ken Carlter, have even gone as far as producing versions of the trailer dubbed by themselves to show how a French Polynesian Maui could sound (see below) with a French Polynesian voicing and accent. You must change that!!! So take the stick out of your ass. […] weekend which required us to be creative about how to spend our time. With past movie name changes including the likes of Finding Nemo that became Le Monde de Nemo (The World of Nemo) despite the Quebec French language version remainining Trouver Nemo (Finding Nemo). Following the release of the official Moana trailer last month, many French Pacific Islanders took to social media to express their anger at the lack of inclusion by Disney France, arguing that a French Polynesian should voice Maui and Moana in the same way as the English version does. It is your Hour of Code! A voir et partager au maximum ! Although relatively little used by applicants, international preliminary examinations make it possible to defend the patentability of an invention following an unfavourable international search report, as Pierre Gauer explains. The European Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) has found that Ferrari can retain the trademark rights to the Testarossa brand, even though production of the iconic sports car was discontinued in the 1990s, as Theo Visser explains. Also, it’s known that most countries in the Francophonie (except France) prefer the Quebec dubs, because they use a more international french and have more accurate translations. Háromezer évvel ezelőtt a világ legjobb tengerészei keresztülhajóztak a Csendes-óceánon, és felfedezték Óceánia számos szigetét. Actually, when I saw Maui in the movie, he somehow reminded me of the Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwoʻole, who was a great man (both literally and figuratively), so I instantly loved the character . OK, there are other stories of why it was changed, but this is the one I find most entertaining, aka, it must be the […]. MOANA (AKA: VAIANA) has been added to your Cart Add other items: Moana (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [LP] $19.94. Search engines are useful tools for searching to see if a trademark that is the same or similar to a chosen mark is already in use and, if so, where and for what products or activities, but it cannot help brand owners to really detect all potential obstacles and, therefore, such searches give, at best, a false sense of security. What’s wrong with wanting things in our own language? Durante su travesía, Moana, se encuentra con el alguna vez todopoderoso semidiós Maui, … Being overweight is almost a status symbol. Firstly, in regard to Maui being a huge overweight islander , this is in keeping with pacific island culture where men, and particular the elders/chiefs, are fed first, gifted food etc. I thought it was fine; Fiona loved it and thinks it’s her favourite Disney movie now. Vaiana – Moana (2016) film online hd dublat in romana – Cu aproape doua mii de ani în urmă, Moana, o tânără navigatoare înnăscută, pornește în căutarea unei insule legendare din Oceania. Thus, two similar signs for radically different products and/or services can coexist peacefully, except in cases where one of the signs has reached a high reputation, as is the case for Coca-Cola, for example. It managed to confuse me quite a bit. Dorian says: January 13, 2018 AND i watched the original english version and for some reason shes still called Vaiana in it. Lmao, this is embarassing. […] Moana, and they couldn’t have the audience being confused, obviously! You just sound like a butthurt French. It’s a question of respect. Required fields are marked *. — Disney España (@DisneySpain) October 8, 2015. We are taught to accept who we are, yet different bodytypes we are presented with are “wrong” and “ugly”. Ebenfalls wurde der Film umbenannt, aus „Moana“ (Hawaiianisch/ Maori für Meer) wurde „Vaiana“ (in Anlehnung an vai, Wasser auf Tahitianisch) – anscheinend, weil in Teilen von Europa die Marke „Moana“ geschützt sei. The movie Moana was released in much of Europe under the title Vaiana, and the main character’s name was changed, purportedly for two reasons. And the crap about who does the voice.. Jeez. She even says “I AM VAIANA”… Not “Moana”??? I get that you can never make everyone happy, but make someone thin and there will be complaints, make them bigger and there will be complaints. A number of different trademark searches can be applied, depending on a company’s needs or market, but will typically fall into one of the following categories: In addition, a trademark search can also examine a chosen mark for unintended meanings or associations (a linguistic search). According to the INDAC blog, one of the creators of the cartoon, John Musker, also confirmed this information at the last Annecy Film Festival. It’s also important to note that trademarks are not only compared on the basis of the signs but also on the basis of the products and/or services they cover. End of story. It has a great, strong female lead, and a funny male side-kick. I imagine it’s because of the large number of children who watch them, and whose reading skills may not be that strong. And remember when Eddie Murphy, a black man, did the voice of a chinese dragon. Why is that??? This even included the launch of a petition on asking for Disney to give the role of Maui to a Polynesian. Not cool! By clicking "Accept" or continuing using the site, you agree to our privacy policy, including our cookie policy. Moana or Vaiana, the great movie nevertheless. I think people should grow up.. It’s a movie and they’re portraying Maui as a big man, and that’s okay.

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