Can I pull it into this portfolio module to appear next to the excerpt? clear: left; Hi Richard. The problem that I came across using this is that at the bottom of the portfolio you get navigation links, and when you move to page 2, those “nth-child” rules fall down, because Divi makes all the items from the first page hidden, but keeps them in the list, so they are included in the “nth-child” calculation. Notice we are only changing the layout to three columns when the browser window is at least 767px. The images are very big, from a photograph. I would like just a thin line between the pictures. Of course, there are plugins that allow you to embed shortcodes to add extra columns to … And there you have it, crisis averted. When I do this; the first page of the posts look as they should. .et_pb_grid_item { This is because Divi’s default CSS will take over from 767px on down and change the grid to two columns and then down to one column on mobile. }. Thanks, Hi Christina! It does not occur again within the 105 products I’m displaying. Using this css and it works great, my only question is if there is a way to center the last item. But newer versions fixed this and changed it back to the original single column on mobile. Here’s the page where it’s happening for us: This website is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Elegant Themes. This seemed to fix the issue: .three-column-grid .et_pb_grid_item:nth-child(4n+1) { I responded to your email. One of our most common requests at DiviPlugins is how to change the portfolio layout from four columns to three. Yeah, when displaying a large number of posts there can be some conflicts at certain posts in the grid. But I want to make the padding inbetween the rows of the portfolio 0% as well. Anything under 768px is controlled by the CSS included in the Divi theme and is not affected by the CSS above. This did work. You can see the issue at the bottom of this page –, Hi Kathryn. Thanks Taloha! It's a win-win for everyone!!!! NO need to answer that – Ive just found where to do it! And provided example code on how you can target a specific item in the grid. This is because Divi’s default CSS will take over and change the grid to three columns at 980px, two columns at 767px and one column on mobile (479px). Now you can give your Divi Portfolio Grid new hover animations & larger 3 column images without the cost of a premium plugin and without having to have an extra plugin at all. (That was the voice in my head). .et_pb_grid_item:nth-child(5n) { Does this work for large number of posts? The layout issue is partial impacted by a private product. Thank you. Specifically you would change this: Now,  Why its happens? Are you able to assist? min-height: 240px; I cannot seem to get the nth elements correct. Perfect! I have set up the portfolio grid to show 5 columns and it looks great however on of the titles is long than the others and mis-aligns the grid items for the following line. Were you guys able to figure out how to resolve the issue? He rarely talks about himself in the third person... All opinions expressed on this site are my own. Hi Kimberley.,, If you’re using our plugin, you can simply change the thumbnail size from within the module settings to load a larger thumbnail. If you are working with a child theme you can go to Appearance>Editor and open your stylesheet. This is happening on your site b/c you’ve removed the space between each image and you’re using a fullwidth row. About,  It will not affect smartphone screens if applied correctly. Here is more info on flexbox – Hi How can I send you the link to the web? Projects,  However, when I click over to Page 2 and 3 of my Filterable Portfolio — some are really close together, others are more spaced out. We modified the CSS to account for when a post doesn’t have a featured image. Hi Maties. Without the private product, I still have the layout issue at item 73. Can you tell me how to do this with 5 and 6 columns. And here’s the resulting three column layout: If you see an issue at either of the two breakpoints, it’s usually caused by a single post that applies to both the 3n+1 and 4n+1 rule. The same happens again for the 73nd product and the 74th and 75th product. I have the 3 column layout, how to reduce the white space between the columns? Contact, Optimising your website: A development workflow continued with Gulp 4, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You’ll just need to change the 61 value to match the post number you’re having issues with. Can you share the URL you’re seeing this issue? I like using an ID for this as it has a high specificity and therefore should override other rules, without resorting to the dreaded “!important”. If that doesn’t work, please submit a support ticket and we’ll find out what the issue is. Home,  That is very strange Patrick. When you click on one of these links, you get a discount, we get commission, and Elegant Themes makes another sale. If not, go to Appearance>Divi Theme Options>ePanel>Custom CSS (which is located at the bottom of the ePanel) 01. I recently purchased the portfolio posts pro and was wondering how to make the filterable tab come up on the module like the original portfolio module does? With that said, I’ve been playing with Divi and came across a particular difficulty that almost sent me down a big rabbit hole, and that’s the Filtered Portfolio element, specifically if you want it displayed in anything other than the default 4 columns. Please advise. I would suggest testing the layout at these two breakpoints: 981px or greater and 768px – 980px. Architecture Firm Divi Portfolio Layout Page. And the internet seemed to think that javascript was the way to go, and I was absolutely about to throw myself headlong down the rabbit hole. It appears to be related to the CSS, .three-column-grid .et_pb_grid_item:nth-child(4n+1) { Our latest plugin, Divi FilterGrid, makes it even easier to change the columns. I currently have 16 projects in my portfolio, so item 16 is on the left with 2 blank spaces. It’s really strange b/c it seems to be different posts for different sites. I have just applied this code and it works great. It appeared to be due to the 13th item being a common denominator of (3n+1) and (4n+1). There is no way around this with CSS, you can’t just check the visible ones. How can we set it to 1 column in smartphones without changing the other media? Changing it from 4 to 3 columns. Never mind — I think I figured it out! If you have the latest version of Divi, I would clear your caches on your site and in your browser and check your Custom CSS or child theme’s CSS. I have a custom field in my posts. clear: unset!important; /* clears the 4 column grid settings */ After adding the CSS Class to the Portfolio module you need to add the following CSS Code in the Theme Options of your website. I used this code in a website and the images are not sharp, when I use the Grid as 3 columns. I think you could probably manage this with flexbox using justify-content: center but would require a lot of modification. Hi, }. You can easily do this by applying a new class to the module and adding a little CSS to your child theme or the Custom CSS section in the Divi Options panel. Then you make sure that you edit the element in the Divi page builder and go to the Advanced tab and add an ID of “three-column-grid”. Any help would be greatly appreciated. .three-column-grid .et_pb_grid_item:nth-child(3n+1) { clear: both!important; /* then overrides it with the 3 column grid settings */ So the images take up a lot of space, but they are only 400 x 284 thumbnails so they appear pixelated. Thank you . So make sure you have copied the code in its entirety. If you prefer to keep the five columns on smaller devices, simply change the min-width: 981px value above to a lower value 1 pixel higher than the thresholds. I’m not seeing any issues on the 13th item but am on the 61st item. Thank you for the quick reply and fix! This code will change the number of columns in the Portfolio module from 4 columns to 3 columns. I like using an ID for this as it has a high specificity and therefore should override other rules, without resorting to the dreaded “!important”. Hello. Make sure you choose the DP Filterable Blog module. I am using this to display products in three column portfolio, but the 25th product sits alone in the center of the row and the 26th and 27th product are on their own on the left of the row. And, for most websites, four columns is all you need. If that doesn’t work, send me the URL to the page you’re having issues with and I’ll take a look. Keep in mind if you add the clear left rule, you’ll want to limit it to large screen sizes like I did in the example above. It's a win-win for everyone!!!! If you still see two columns on mobile, you may need to update your version of Divi. but I can’t quite get a handle on what’s happening. My first thought would be to change the gutter spacing in the row to 0. }. The formula would be (width x 3) + (right margin x 2) = 100, So if you change the right margin to 1%, you would change the width to 32.666px. * This tutorial will work for the default portfolio modules that come with Divi and our Portfolio Posts Pro plugin modules. It was working before, but I’m guessing a recent Divi update changed something…. That should remove the empty space between each portfolio item. It … The Divi Builder allows you to have up to four columns for page layouts. We’ve added an option directly in the module settings for this plugin that allows you to define the number of columns for each screen size. Rik Lewis is a Certified Geek, specialising in Uniface, PHP, javascript/jQuery and progressive web apps. If you’re using the default portfolio module that comes with Divi, you’ll need to add code to your functions.php file to change the size of the thumbnail – You have a few options here. I get 4 then 3 then random columns in the 5 column set. You can either add a minimum height to each grid item: margin: 0 1% 7.5% 0 !important; Just make sure if you change the right margin like above, you also change the width so that the total between width and margin equal 100 or come very close without going over. We are seeing the same issue on one of our sites, but it’s the 13th product that is throwing off the layout. The CSS above was created with the default value of 12 posts displayed in the grid at one time. Adjusting the padding doesnt seem to be doing it. I’m not bashing by any means, I can see why Divi is such a popular WordPress theme, but for someone like me who is used to creating custom themes, it can be really difficult to work within the confines of a page builder instead of just creating whatever look and feel you want. I’ve applied this code and it works great, but in a smartphone screen the grid goes to 2 columns instead of 1 —I think it would be better. This isn’t something that’s optional, but there’s some stylesheet rules that many have suggested you can use to create it, and it goes something like this…. You would just modify the values in the CSS. If you are displaying a large number of posts per page, you may run into a few conflicts. I have tried adjusting the padding and margins with CSS but it hasnt resolved the issue. Change Portfolio Grid to Three Columns. But sometimes you need to add more columns. Hi! Back to top,  02. In our example, we add the following class three-column-grid to our module. *Divi is a registered trademark of Elegant Themes, Inc. Please try that and let us know if you’re still having issues. For larger tablets that would be 768px. Any advice? Thank you so much Brad, worked a treat! You can send it via our contact form if you prefer to not share in comments and we would be happy to take a look. One of our most common requests at DiviPlugins is how to change the portfolio layout from four columns to three. You may have custom code that is causing this. 1. Use this IFTTT recipe to be emailed when there's a new blog post, Use this IFTTT recipe to get a notification when there's a new blog post. Then in our child theme’s stylesheet, we added the following CSS: That’s it! In short; feel free to share and adapt, but provide attribution. } Hi Elyse. margin: 0 7.5% 7.5% 0 !important; to something like this: Thanks again! When you click on one of these links, you get a discount, we get commission, and Elegant Themes makes another sale. Then you make sure that you edit the element in the Divi page builder and go to the Advanced tab and add an ID of “three-column-grid”. This isn’t an issue with the original divi grid settings. Please go to your WordPress Dashboard > Theme Options > General > Custom CSS and add the code below. This seems to be a moving target with different versions of Divi and conflicts with 3rd party plugins. This is the module that will display the filters across the top. by Brad Crawford | Blog, Divi | 27 comments. My client would like to have the last project centered, but no css changes seem to affect this. **Some of the links and images on this site are affiliate links for the Divi theme. * Some of the links and images on this site are affiliate links for the Divi theme. Any ideas? You can override a single item like this: This should override the clear value for the 61st post in the grid but only when the screen size is between 768px and 980px. Content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. clear: unset !important; I think for most people the original code will work, but I did add the disclaimer that grids displaying a large number of posts might have issues. If you need help with this layout, please create a support ticket and we would be happy to send you the custom CSS for this. I have reduced the reduced the white space inbetween the columns to 0% and increase the width to 33.333px, so all good there. The CSS above is wrapped in a media query that limits it to only apply to screen sizes 768px or above. You can easily do this by applying a new class to the module and adding a little CSS to your child theme or the Custom CSS section in the Divi … Weird. As mentioned earlier, by default, the Divi gallery module will display your image gallery in four columns on desktop and then break into three columns on tablet, two columns on small tablets (and large phones), and one column on phones. For a brief period, Elegant Themes decided to split the columns of the portfolio modules (which is what our plugin is based on) into two on mobile instead of one. This layout suits the architecture industry perfectly. }, Or you can add a clear rule to every fifth item:

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